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2013 Grand Prize Winner Great Midwest Book Festival
2013 Silver Medalist Winner (Reference) Stars and Flags Awards
2014 Winner (History) Pacific Book Awards
2014 Winner (Non-Fiction) Best Indie Book Awards
2014 Winner (History) London Book Festival

     Bean Camp to Briar Patch is unique in that it describes all the major POW camps from both the Korean and Vietnam wars.  The majority of former POWs will not talk freely about their experiences.  This means many family members know little about the prisoner of war experience of their father or grandfather, or in a few cases, their mother or grandmother.  Bean Camp to Briar Patch is written specifically for those family members.  In one single source they now have information on the location of the camps and the conditions in those camps.  
     Researching the POW experience is difficult because most books concentrate on the experience of one individual.  However, there were thousands of prisoners during the two wars and over thirty major sites at which they were held.  Conditions varied from camp to camp and even within sections of a single camp.  In some cases a camp is only briefly mentioned in a few sources which are difficult to locate today.  The information in Bean Camp to Briar Patch was gathered from eighty different sources, with some of those sources including hundreds of actual debriefings of returning POWs.  In a very few cases lists are included as to who was in a specific camp.  The book has 214 pages with over thirty maps, photos, and diagrams.
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A gut-wrenching masterpiece of research...  
Lt Col. Pat C., USMC (ret) Veteran of WW II, Korea, & Vietnam excellent job in collating and documenting a fascinating but little known portion of our military history. This is definitely a must read for scholars of military history.
                     Bob Doerr, Military Writers Society of America author of the year 2013

I could only stop reading this long enough to Google search individuals named in this book... In my humble opinion this should be a Must Read!  Well done.
                                                             Michael L. Fuse on Amazon

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Table of Contents

Part I
Chapter One:   Korea Background
Chapter Two:   Death Marches and Executions
Chapter Three: Temporary Camps
Bean Camp, Mining Camp, Death Valley, The Valley, Kanggye, Apex Camps, The Caves, Pak's Palace,  Camp 12
Chapter Four:  Permanent Camps
Camp 1, Camp 2, Camp 3, Camp 4, Camp 5
Part II
Chapter Five:  Vietnam Background
Chapter Six:   South Vietnam-Conditions
Chapter Seven: South Vietnam-Camps
Delta/U Minh, Parrot's Beak/Schrump Group, Tay Ninh, Camps 101-102/Tri Border, Tam Ky/Kushner  Group,Laos/DMZ
Chapter Eight: North Vietnam-Conditions
Chapter Nine:  North Vietnam-Camps
Alcatraz, Bao/Cao/Portholes, Briar Patch, Dirty Bird, Dogpatch, Faith/Dan Hoi, Farnsworth, Hanoi Hilton, Hope/Son Tay, Mountain Camp, Plantation, Rock Pile, Skid Row, Zoo
Part III
Chapter Ten:    Conditions in Laos
Chapter Eleven: Conditions in Cambodia
Chapter Twelve: Conditions in China
Part IV
Chapter Thirteen: Escapes-Vietnam
Chapter Fourteen: Successful Rescues
Chapter Fifteen:  American Women Held as POWs
Chapter Sixteen:  POW Anomalies