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                                                        About the Author
     John N. Powers was a Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force, serving in Intelligence Operations with a B-52 unit in the Strategic Air Command and with F-100/F-4 units in Vietnam and Europe.  Using the GI Bill, he earned a Bachelor's degree in American history and secondary education and a Master of Science in Teaching degree in elementary education from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  Powers taught for over thirty years, most of that time teaching American history.  He currently works part-time as an emergency room coordinator.  In 2002 he began researching the Prisoner of War history of 203 US Marines who were captured in north China as Pearl Harbor was being attacked.  His wife's father, Platoon Sergeant Harold A. Hoffman, was one of those men.  That research led to the establishment of the web site  The American Ex-POW organization then asked if he would write about POW camps in Korea and Vietnam.  Work on those projects led to the realization there was no single source for family members of POWs from those wars to find information on camps and conditions in those camps.  
              The result is the book Bean Camp to Briar Patch .